Overlooking the sea, between the Gulf of Naples and that of Salerno, there is the splendid Amalfi Coast. Among bays, coves and perched villages await you Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Furore, Ravello and Vietri sul Mare.

The Amalfi Coast, a surprising succession of medieval villages set between rock ridges and impressive fortresses and churches perched on rock peaks overlooking the sea. A unique itinerary that can satisfy every need of those who choose it: a magical place to relax among hidden coves and beaches that can only be reached by renting a luxury yacht. The islands of the Gulf of Naples and Gaeta are within easy reach: Ischia, Procida, Ventotene, Ponza, Capri: they are all there looking at that tongue of land that contains all the features of the perfect place to spend a perfect holiday aboard a exclusive yacht for hire. Between lemon groves and orange groves that intoxicate travelers, the Amalfi Coast lazily stretched between large areas of Mediterranean vegetation and the narrow alleys that rise from the old port of Sorrento, overlooking the exciting views from postcards of the terraces of Vico Equense and the small restaurants of Meta . The Amalfi Coast is a long and winding road that connects timeless places: colors that recall the depths of the sea and the warm rays of the sun of its most beautiful beaches. Small patches of earth, patiently torn from the rocky ridges: the pebbly beaches of Positano, little stairways and rugged paths to reach those of Nerano and Praia and those that can only be reached by boat. Everything on the coast blends between tradition and timeless views: choosing to spend your time here on board a sailing or motor yacht for hire means getting lost among the oldest and most spectacular villages in the world without renouncing the incomparable and unforgettable emotions of the beaches , of the most exclusive restaurants and clubs. If you prefer larger beaches (and, necessarily, more frequented) those of Vietri sul Mare are ideal: wide tongues of land washed by the sea of ​​the Gulf of Naples, easily accessible and comfortable from every point of view. If you get tired of the crowd and look for a little privacy, along the coast, like little pearls enclosed in a casket, there are small coves and rocky ravines accessible only with a private yacht. The most beautiful to visit are the Baia and Crespella beaches and the two Marinas, that of Vietri and Albori. As small and magical pearls, the Positano beaches are instead true masterpieces portrayed by mother nature: elegant and reserved those of Laurito and Arienzo and the exclusive waters of Fornillo, suitable for those who prefer a more fun bath, and those of Marina Grande. A few kilometers from the coast, you can see a small group of islets: the view is one of those that make you want to get there almost by swimming, so they seem close. It is the archipelago of Li Galli: also known as the home of the Sirens, it is a place rich in history, despite its small size. Owned by different owners, today Li Galli is part of the Punta Campanella natural park and, for those lucky enough to visit it, a truly exclusive destination full of charm. You can not visit the waters of Positano without taking a tour of those of Amalfi: in addition to the beautiful village that climbs between the rocks and the picturesque alleys, the coves accessible only from the sea and with long steps to do if you are real sports as that of Duoglio. Larger and more equipped, the beaches of Marina Grande and Castiglione di Ravello, less known but with crystalline waters, that of Atrani. In Maiori and Minori there are the most ancient beaches (and hamlets) of the coast: long and sandy beaches that run along the two promenade, suitable for lazily sunbathing all day long. No path to reach them: this makes them perfect especially for those traveling with children. Locations “less known” but always perfect for those who love to enjoy the exclusive relaxation of the coast: are the beaches of Nerano, Cetara and Praiano, to be conquered after steep rock steps, where the sun stays to keep the swimmers until late afternoon and transparent water laps the rock in a long hug.