A tour of the Cinque Terre in an encounter between tradition and natural landscapes! A journey through the flavors of medieval villages and small fishing villages: Portofino, Corniglia, Porto Venere, Riomaggiore and many other pearls to be discovered along the navigation.

Liguria and its Cinque Terre are a destination for those who love places that can offer everything to those who visit. More than three hundred kilometers of high and jagged coasts, interspersed with imposing peaks and large areas of Mediterranean scrub. The duality of the Ligurian landscapes offers a wide choice of food and wine tours and cultural, diving between the depths of the marine parks and the most beautiful nature reserves of the Mediterranean Sea and hiking trails for those who love hiking in the outdoors. The sea of ​​the Cinque Terre offers a marine biodiversity for lovers of unique diving and beaches where you can relax in total tranquility and privacy. The Gulfs of the Poets, Tigullo and Paradiso offer a variety of postcard landscapes to enjoy at sunset on board a rental yacht.

If you want to hire a luxury yacht, Genoa is an important embarkation point: from the capital of the Ligurian Riviera, in fact you can easily navigate it far and wide for over 300 kilometers of coastline to explore. To the east of the capital of the Ligurian coast extends the Riviera di Levante that comes to touch La Spezia, to the west (up to the exclusive Principality of Monaco) you can follow the coastline of the Riviera di Ponente. The Cinque Terre refer to the five most characteristic villages of Liguria: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. They have been declared, together with Porto Venere and Palmaria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lands where the hand of man has not abused with the buildings, where the paths can still be walked on foot and are soaked with the scent of the woods, ideal for trekking enthusiasts. The Cinque Terre have beaches that meet all the needs and tastes of travelers: while Monterosso is the only sandy beach in the area, there are many others of pebbles, pebbles and rocks bathed by a crystalline sea where it is impossible not to make a dip. From the west to the east there is only the embarrassment of choice: from Bonassole to Riomaggiore, from the beach of Framura to that of Levanto, without forgetting the beauties offered by that of Vernazza and Guvano, along with those of Corviglia and Manarola.

Walking along the Cinque Terre aboard a luxury yacht means to meet, during navigation, the places of Sanremo, LaSpezia, Santa Margherita Ligure to visit if you have the opportunity because rich in history and charm. The most particular and elegant destinations, however, are those of Portofino and Rapallo. Yachts and mega yachts line up to enter one of the most exclusive Mediterranean ports. For luxury boaters Portofino is a haven of privacy and unparalleled luxury: in the square of the port and the streets of the former most famous fishing village in the world you can enjoy a coffee in one of the elegant boutiques of the area and go shopping in luxury store of the major brands. The entire world of yachting is here to meet to enjoy the beautiful season and the most exclusive clubs of the entire Tyrrhenian coast.






Santa Margherita Ligure

La Spezia

Portovenere e Palmaria