Mercedes S560 Maybach, the largest and most luxurious of Mercedes sedans. Other innovations concern the further improved assisted driving systems, which allow the car to manage the steering alone to follow the road or make a pass on its own. And, to further increase comfort, the Wellness package is available: coordinating various functions (from the interior lighting, with as many as 64 shades of color, to the massage modes, ventilation and heating of the front seats, to the air conditioning, to the music and to the fragrance) in a more or less relaxing way according to the wishes of the passengers, transforms the passenger compartment into a wellness center. For the rest, the sumptuous passenger compartment of the Mercedes S560 Maybach is confirmed as airy also in the rear area (especially for the L versions with the wheelbase brought from 303 cm to 317), made with top quality materials and widely customizable. The only notes, the electronic handbrake lever at the bottom, on the left side of the dashboard, is barely visible and unreachable by passengers. Also the cover of the compartment that acts as an arm between the seats is not very practical: it is so big that, when opened, it is a hindrance. Despite being a “big car”, the agility in the guide is very respectable and the comfort decidedly high.

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